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Bikes for Paphos

Lemon City Bikes are tuned and configured for Paphos roads giving you a good gear ratio to explore Paphos without exhausting yourself. All bikes are maintained and services after each ride. Your safety and riding pleasure is our number one concern. 

Adjust to your Size

Each Lemon City Bike is adjustable to your height. The hydraulic seat can easily be lowered or heightened with a small latch underneath it. Simply pull the lever and adjust to your perfect riding height. 

High Quality City Bikes

All Lemon hire bikes are high quality custom built bikes tunes specifically for the Paphos area. The gear ratio has been optimised for easy uphill rides and the flats of Kato Paphos

Lights & Basket

Each bike has rear and front lights powered by a solar panel and a dynamo in the front wheel. A basket holding up to 5 Kilos (11 Pounds) has plenty of space for all your bags and beach towels

Maintenance & Service

Each Lemon bike is serviced, cleaned and inspected before and after each booking. We ensure that all bikes are at peak performance to give you a great experience.

Hydraulic Seat Adjustment

Lemon Hire Bikes come with a hydraulic seat that you can easily adjust to your height. Simply press the lever under the seat and adjust to your required height.

The longer you book the better the price

The longer you book the better the price, Planning to explore Paphos? Do it on a City Bike. Its easy, healthy and environmental friendly

1 – 3 Days

Per Bike Per Day

  • Free Delivery & Pickup
  • Free Local Map

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3 + Days

Per Bike Per Day

  • Free Delivery & Pickup
  • Free Local Map

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Child Seat

Per Bike Per Booking

  • Up to 25 Kilos
  • Unlimited Users

What Our clients say

“Very comfortable and stylish bikes! Always clean and well maintained. I highly recommend!”

“Great bikes! Super easy to ride, comfortable and easy to maneuver. The staff is very professional and helpful. I loved the fact that the boys will explain everything, recommend where to go and offer assistance every step of the way. I will definitely use them again. Highly recommended!”