Cycling in Cyprus

Cyprus has undoubtedly become a cycling destination for Europeans as well as travellers from Israel and the Middle east. So what is it all about? 

By Roman Horwarth

Cyprus has seen a big increase in Sports tourism over the last two to three years. While it has always been a top destination for Sports and professional training camps, recently it has become  more popular with travelers and holiday makers that enjoy cycling, trekking, hiking or simply exploring nature. 

This new influx of fitness and nature loving travelers created a new demand for guided tours that explore the most beautiful and challenging places in Cyprus as well as exploring the many archeological sights of Cyprus on foot or bike.

“Cyprus is an amazing Holiday destination for Sports Travellers, from Mountain Bike Routes to Road Biking and exploring with City bikes. The choice is yours”

Mountain Biking Tours

If you are an avid Mountain Bikers like me, then Cyprus will be a great destination for you. You can literally find any type of terrain or trail within a short drive. From the Akamas Peninsula trails to the Troodos Enduro trails and even Down Hill trails in Foini all within a short drive from anywhere on the Island. For the hardcore riders you can even challenge yourself to ride across the Island or start at Olympus which is the highest point of Cyprus at 2000 Meters and make your way through forest and single trail all the way to Paphos sea level. An amazing experience.

And if you haven’t brought your own mountain bike, fear not there are many options to rent a high quality hard-tail or full suspension bike.

There are many experienced and highly knowledgeable Tour-guides on the Island that will ensure you get to see the best routes and scenery while enjoying many amazing trails.

Road Cycling

Cyprus can easily rival the best Road Cylcing destinations of Europe. With miles of scenic roads winding across the Island you can easily plan a beautiful ride for every day of the week. If you are a competitive road biker you can join many of the races that are being organised around the year. If you want to get your own Road bike to Cyprus look for airlines that promote Cycling Travel such as Jet2Holidays (click for info) that will have a special allowance for your bike. If you don’t want to bring your own bike, you can always rent a high quality Road Bike for your stay. 

Explore with a City Bike

City Bikes are a great and eco friendly way of exploring on your holiday. You will find a City Bike Rental shop in almost any city of Cyprus. If you are staying in Paphos you will find that a lot of the sights and beaches are concentrated in the Kato Paphos region where also most of the hotels are located making it the perfect place to explore on a City Bike. Make sure you get a high quality bike to get around with and avoid wasting time with low quality bikes that can break down and keep you stranded on your holiday.

As you can see, Cyprus has a fair bit of everything for any cyclist. From Mountain Biking to Road Cycling either by your self on on a guided tour. You can do it all. Explore trails, routes or have some Enduro fun in Troodos, its up to you.

If you are planning on visiting Cyprus and want to Cycle, feel free to reach out to us. We are more than happy to help you find the perfect bike or tour for you.