Paphos Sunsets

Paphos has some of the most scenic Sunset Spots in Cyprus. Here are some tips of where you can observe some impressive scenery during golden hour that are easily reachable by City Bike.

By Roman Horwarth

It’s no secret, Paphos has an amazing amount of scenic spots overlooking beaches, coastlines the sea caves and much more. If you want to enjoy a romantic sunset or take some nice pictures then look no more, here are some of the best spots to do just that.

Paphos Harbour

Kato Paphos is well known for its Harbour and ancient Fort, due to big waves during the winter months wave breakers where erected that kind of spoil the pictures of the castle but fear not. Just as you pass the castle on its right hand side you will find a walking path that rises above the sea level. This is the perfect spot to enjoy an unobstructed view of the Sunset with the old Fort on your left and the coastline on your right. As you walk along the pathway you will also find some benches and lookout points, although there is a lot of space and you will easily find a nice place to take picture or enjoy the view you can try and get there a little early to get one of the lookout benches.

The St Edro III Shipwreck

On the 8th of December 2011 the St Edro III ran aground on the Paphos coast due to heavy seas. The ship was on its way to Rhodes carrying plaster board. The 9 member crew was rescued by a British military helicopter and thankfully no one was injured. 

The wreck is still there today giving the coastline a mysterious feeling. The St Edro III is located in Pegia which is apx 13 Kilometres or 8 miles from Kato Paphos. During a hot day this might be a little too far to ride on a Bicycle so try and go after the midday heat or take the Bus which you can catch in Kato Paphos.

Any Paphos Beach 🙂

Paphos has a plethora of sandy and pebble beaches so it wont be difficult to find yourself completely alone at one of them. While the central beaches can be rather busy, if you ride a few minutes towards the airport along the coastline you will find Rikkos Beach or Sodap Beach. Both are usually rather quiet and will give you a romantic backdrop or photo opportunity

Muse Cafe Old Town

Muse Cafe is a well known local spot that is situated at an amazing vantage point that overlooks the whole of Kato Paphos as well as the coastline beyond it. Not only will you get an amazing sunset you can also enjoy some great Drinks, Cocktails and food.

To get to Muse Cafe you can ride along the main Paphos harbour road up to the old town which has a small incline for the most of the ride. The last bit is a bit steep so you might want to get of and push the last climb.